Google's Gold Goes Strong Despite Economy Woes

Google just reported their Q1 earnings this week and despite investors' lowered expectations and ComScore reports on slowing paid clicks, the numbers were pleasantly surprising and better than expected with a 31% growth ($3.1 billion) compared to last year. Google also attributed 52% of its Q1 revenue to its international outreach. Following close behind the recent report, Google stock rose to $500 a share.

Google's good news only goes to show that the internet industry is not going to suffer the blows of a certain recession. CEO Eric Schmidt states "Our position is we're well positioned, if economics change, to continue to do well because we're so targeted and targeted advertising does well in pretty much most scenarios."

Since their acquisition of DoubleClick, the global internet advertising solutions giant, Google has no doubt it will become the world's biggest display provider and believes that 90% of its daily impressions are eligible for display ads.

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