The Amazon of the Web

Women have always been known to be mysterious and complex. "What women want" has been the topic of endless talk shows, relationship books and politics since the dawn of time. It's no different in the marketing world. According to a new interactive Ad Age article, women ruled over 50% of online users in 2007. What were the highest traffic spots? No surprise, they were women's communities (35% unique visits increase) and political categories. Not to mention, there's a larger pool of women bloggers and readers out there in the social web space.

YouTube women visitors comprised of more than 43% last year. The research shows that women are most drawn to news, music and movie clips.

Don't forget shopping! An interesting statistic shows that 68% of women from household incomes of $100,000 or more purchased online versus 49% of those from $35,000 or less household incomes. That's not a tremendous difference.

Another fact that might surprise some is that the casual gaming audience is equally split between men and women. In fact, women are more likely to pay for their casual games.

Healthcare is always a significant source of search and women come out on top as the primary investigators. 90% of women ages between 25 and 34 comprise of the 84% who sought healthcare information via the web. Interestingly, 75% of women ages 65 and up use the internet for their healtcare source as well.

The last two subjects make up "the birds and the bees" factor. Romance and parenthood finish up the online activity of women according to the article. As long as there's these type of informational sources around, women will always be actively looking for subjects on love and family.