In Our Hour of Darkness

Today celebrates Earth Hour across the globe in respect to people's growing interests and concerns for the climate crisis. Created by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in 2007, Syndey, Australia was the first city to participate in the event. Now only a year later, several countries and thousands of cities worldwide will turn off their lights tonight at 8pm (their local time) to support the cause.

Google changed the layout color of their front page to black early last night to show their support for Earth Hour. Their quote "We've turned the lights out. Now it's your turn - Earth Hour" takes viewers to the WWF event's homepage. This is another memorable move by Google that will bring awareness and new participants to an important cause. The creators of Earth Hour know that by millions of people turning their lights off for one hour for one day is not going to cause an impact on carbon emissions, however their global efforts will bring about worldwide support and an educated following to fight for climate change for the world's future.

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